Electrical Engineers are the mainstay of every engineering activity. The Electrical Engineering Department is dedicated to delivering competent electrical engineers to the arena of the real world. They are outfitted with core technical knowledge as well as professional skills necessary to face the challenges of the future. The committed faculty and staff are fully geared up towards this end. Our aim is to mould competent Electrical Engineers capable of providing dynamic leadership in various walks of life and to cater the needs of R&D, industry, business and community.

The Department aims to impart Technical Education to students and satisfy all the requirements needed for the Industrial Environment.Its vision is to be a catalyst in imparting quality education and conducting valued research for the benefit of society. Historically, the field of electrical engineering is one of the most important engineering disciplines that have changed the course of the world. Some of our important areas of teaching are basic electrical, electrical machine, power electronics, measurement and instrumentation ,circuits and systems, material sciences, control systems, electric drives , extra high voltage and power system . The vision of the department is to establish itself as a center of excellence in terms of research and teaching in its chosen areas. We are committed to establishing human and material infrastructure in this cause. A number of laboratories are being established . The department is in the process of forming research groups in some of the key areas and collaborating with various institutions and corporations.


To Develop our department as a center of excellence, imparting quality education, generating competents and skilled manpower. We prepare our students with high degree of credibility, integrity, ethical standards and social concern. we train our students to devise and implemented noval systems, based on education and research.


To provide an acagemically conducive enveronment for individuals to develop as technologically superior, socially conscious and nationally responsible citizens.

Program Educational Objective

To develop technically competent and well trained software engineers to attain National and International recognition.

To frame and disseminate high quality program with the continuous and co-ordinate efforts of faculty and student body at all academic levels and various sectors.

To produce ethically and socially responsible engineers who can involve themselves for community development to increase the productivity by providing suitable engineering solutions. To provide an acagemically conducive enveronment for individuals to develop as technologically superior, socially conscious and nationally responsible citizens.

Core Subjects

Being affiliated to the Uttarakhand Tachnical University, The Computer Science & Engineering department of the IT Gopeshwar follows the courses and syllabus prescribed by UTU which focus on and provide in-depth studies in the following main stream topics:.

• AC and DC Machines
• Control Systems
• Power Electronics
• Transmission and Distribution
• Design of Electrical Apparatus
• Protection and Switchgear
• Power System Analysis
• Power System Control
• High Voltage Engineering
• Solid State Drives
• Special Electrical Machines
• Power Electronic Instrumentation
• Power System Operation
• Power System Transients
• Neural Networks and Application of Power System
• Electric Energy Utilization and Conservation
• Advanced Control System
• Micro – Controller Based System Design
• Power Plant Instrumentation
• Circuit Analysis
• Electronic Circuits
• Measurements & Instrumentation
• STransmission & Distribution
• Linear & Digital Integrated Circuits
• Microprocessor and Microcontroller
• Electric Machine Design
• Data Structures & Algorithm
• Object Oriented Programming
• Digital Logic Circuits
• Digital Signal Processing

Elective Subjects

• Biomedical Instrumentation
• Robotics
• Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic
• Computer Networks
• Power System Dynamics
• Power Quality
• Adapter Control

ITG infrastructure allows the students to have in-depth practical knowledge and also get updated on the current technologies in the industry. The students have practical experience in the following areas:

• Electric circuit analysis lab
• Electrical machines lab
• Control systems lab
• Power electronics lab
• Measurement and instrumentation lab
• Power system simulation lab

Mr. Ombeer Saini

M.Tech. (SLIET, Punjab )

Designation : HOD, Assistant Professor

Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal
Ph.D (P)(Thapar University Patiala)
Designation:Assistant Professor

Mr.Jagnandan Negi
M. Tech (NIT Hamirpur)
B.Tech(G.B.P.E.C Pauri)
Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr.Rahul Sagwal

M. Tech (NIT Kurukshetra)

Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Abhishek Chauhan

Ph.D(P)( Thapar University Patiala)

Designation : Assistant Professor 

Miss. Kavita Goswami
M.Tech. (UTU, Dehradun)
Designation:Assistant Professor

Mr. Ramesh Meesala

M.tech(IIT Kharagpur)

Designation:Assistant Professor

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