In modern society, scope of electronics engineering is very vast that applied in every field. Development of world that includes every area such as telecommunications, satellite, microelectronics etc are the outcome of talented engineers. ECE is all about working with electronic science & communication equipments such as mobiles, fridge, transmitters, fulfilling the daily requirements of the people. This incourage students to understand the concept and design of the devices and bring new out innovations.

These programme are aimed at providing students with a sound knowledge in the theoretical aspects and practical working knowledge in the field of Electronics Engineering. With the aim of bridging the gap between text-book knowledge and its practical application, the students are required to take lab classes on all core subjects in addition to seminars and projects.This course is structured in a way to provide better opportunities in industry and increase confidence and chance employment prospects. The core advantage of this field is to including designing and developing complex devices and systems. The program also raise students for a range of increasing career options around them.


To provide the students with engineering education in par with international standards in a highly disciplined environment with state of the art facilities for deep insight into technology and its advancements.


To emerge as a center of excellence in providing quality education and produce technically competent Electronics and Communication Engineers with broad global perspectives and social responsibility.

Program Educational Objective

Analyze, design and implement various electronics and communication systems using the technical knowledge acquired throughout the academic duration.

Achieve a position of interest within an organization and meet the growing demands of the industry by providing appropriate engineering solutions that is beneficial to the society.

Explore the available opportunities to pursue higher studies and involving in research activities to excel in the relevant field of expertise.

Core Subjects

Being affiliated to the Uttarakhand Tachnical University, The Computer Science & Engineering department of the IT Gopeshwar follows the courses and syllabus prescribed by UTU which focus on and provide in-depth studies in the following main stream topics:.

• Basic electronics, devices, circuits
• Analog and digital communication concepts
• Concept of electromagnetic field and their application
• Linear and digital ICs
• Medical Electronics,WSN,Wireless Networks
• High Speed Networks
• Digital Image Processing
• Computer fundamentals on hardware and software
• Engineering mathematics
• Random process

ITG infrastructure allows the students to have in-depth practical knowledge and also get updated on the current technologies in the industry. The students have practical experience in the following areas:

• Microprocessor Lab I
• Microprocessor Lab II
• Electronic System Design Lab
• Optical & Microwave Lab
• Communication Systems Lab
• LIC and Digital Circuits Lab
• DSP Lab & Networks Lab
• Circuits & Devices Lab
• VLSI Design Lab
• Electronic Circuits Lab

Mr. Vishwanath Bijalwan
M.Tech. (DIT Dehradun)
Designation:HOD, Assistant Professor

Ms. Meenu Chinwan
M.Tech, (DIT Dehradun)
Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Pramod Benjwal
Pursing Ph.D ( UTU Dehradun)
Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Gaurav Upadhyay



Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Arun Uniyal


M.Tech. (DIT Dehradun)

Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Arvind Kumar
M.Tech. (UTU, Dehradun)
Designation:Assistant Professor

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Mr. Gaurav Maithani

M. Tech (IIT Roorkee )
Designation:Assistant Professor

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