The foundation of modern engineering education is based on the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry supported by language and other complimentary engineering subjects.

A strong high-rise building cant be built on a week foundation which signifies the importance of this department. Mathematics being the fundamental of all engineering is given special attention. Where the humanities section offers courses in English language professional communication and industrial management.

The future technocrats are like climate change, increasing industrialization, globalization are discussed through classes, lectures & field work.


To Develop our department as a center of excellence, imparting quality education, generating competents and skilled manpower. We prepare our students with high degree of credibility, integrity, ethical standards and social concern. we train our students to devise and implemented noval systems, based on education and research.


To provide an academically conducive environment for individuals to develop as technologically superior, socially conscious and nationally responsible citizens.

Core Subjects

Being affiliated to the Uttarakhand Tachnical University, The Computer Science & Engineering department of the IT Gopeshwar follows the courses and syllabus prescribed by UTU which focus on and provide in-depth studies in the following main stream topics:.

• Engineering Physics
• Engineering Chemistry
• Engineering Mathematics-I
• Engineering Mathematics-II
• Engineering Mathematics-III
• Basic Technical Communication
• Advanced Technical Communication
• Environment Studies
• Engineering Economics

Chemistry Lab


Institute of Technology Gopeshwar, Uttarakhand is an center for excellence academic in undergraduate (B.Tech.) technical education with the help of various discipline of engineering department, applied science and humanities. The chemistry section is running under the umbrella of department of applied science and humanities to impart systemize knowledge of chemistry to undergraduate engineering students. Moreover, in order to improve quality education of chemistry practical and chemical transformation, chemistry section has well established laboratory. The chemistry section has been engaged in improving the experimental skill of undergraduate engineering students through conducting various experiments. for instance, acid base titration, heat of neutralization, complexometric titration, analysis of water quality and analytical spectroscopic tools etc.

List of experiments

TCY-01. Pre lab

TCY-02. Determination of Dissolved Oxygen (D. O.) in the given water sample by Winkler method.

PCY-03. To determine the alkalinity of given water sample.

PCY-04. Determination of Iron content in an iron ore by titrating it against standard K2Cr2O7 solution using potassium ferricyanide [K3Fe(CN)6] as an external indicator.

PCY-05. To determine the chloride content in water sample by Mohr’s method.

PCY-06. To determine the percentage of available chlorine in the given sample of bleaching powder (Iodometrically).

PCY-07. To determine temporary and permanent hardness in given water sample using EDTA as standard solution (Coplexometric titration).

PCY-08. To determine the Heat of Neutralization of Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and Hydrochloric acid (HCl).

TCY-09. To study Spectral and analytical technique.


Chemistry Lab Facilities

Titration setup and glassware’s: All the experiment in the chemistry syllabus are related to titration only. Therefore, mostly the first year B.Tech student’s deals with titration experiments in order to find out the strength of given substance.

Volumetric flask: Different size volumetric Flask for making solutions

Glassware’s for Titration experiment:

Traditional Weighing balances:

Digital Weighing balances:

Hot air Oven for drying glasswares, heating mental and hot plates:

Melting point apparatus and P H Metery for the measurement of P H

Language Lab

Lab Incharge : Mr. Narendra Kumar


The Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Technology Gopeshwar owns a dedicated full-fledged Language Laboratory for training the students in improving their communication skills. The laboratory is equipped with the state of the art technologies with the latest multimedia facilities. The language lab offers training in all the four aspects (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of communication skills. Further, the language lab provides a platform to the students to develop their leadership skills, collaborative skills, and presentation skills by conducting sessions on group discussion, oral presentation, role-playing, and public speaking activities time to time. Read more about language lab here.


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Dr. Ajay Gairola
M.No.: 9412117435
Ph.D. (Kumoun university)
Designation: HOD, Assistant Professor (Maths)
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Ms. Indu Patni
M.No.: 9410942779
Pursing P.hd (UTU Dehradun)
Designation: Assistant Professor(Management)
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Mr. Suraj Singh Chand
M.No.: 8171535694
M.Sc(Mathematics),CSIR- NET
Designation: Assistant Professor (Maths)

Dr. Ashish Kumar Mishra
M.No.: 9450708992
Designation: Assistant Professor (Physics)
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Dr. Vinay Kumar Pandey
M.No.: 9962604826
Ph.D. (IIT Chennai), CSIR-JRF
Designation: Assistant Professor  (Chemistry)
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Mr. Narendra Kumar
M.No.: 8755113470
Pursuing Ph.D. (IIT, Ropar), NET
Designation: Assistant Professor (Communication)
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